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Silent Disco

What is a silent disco?

Quite simply, it's a unique and unforgettable experience!

A solution to noise ordinance.

Have a party in your backyard without blaring speakers and disturbing the neighbors!

Throw an office party without making the whole building rock!

(side note: we love making that happen too with our dj service)

silent disco experiences can be:

  • private parties

  • weddings

  • corporate party

  • private conferences

  • backyard movie nights

  • outdoor yoga classes

  • party in the park

  • We're open to ideas!

Ever been to a party and the music playing isn't your jam?​

Enter the silent disco solution!

Our silent disco headsets have three channels! This means you can have up to 3 different genres of music to choose from at the push of a button on your headset!

Think of one channel, rock, hip-hop, and another dance.

This is perhaps the most inclusive and accessible way to make almost everyone happy at your event.

Each channel has a corresponding light color on the headset. This is where the magic happens when you see your friend frantically pointing at the color of their headset because your jam is playing! Then, suddenly seeing a wave of headsets changing color to join in the fun! 

The venue is primarily quiet as the headsets fill the sound. However, those without headsets get a laugh hearing people singing along!

  • personal control of volume
  • massive 300m wireless range
  • three channels of music
  • superb sound and deep bass
  • easy to set up
  • no noise complaints
  • add a DJ, or battle with 3!
  • or add your playlist!
Silent Disco Headsets.JPG

We make sure your Silent Disco is a night to remember! Our team will arrive before the event, set up the equipment and provide instruction on how to use it. You can control all three transmitters simultaneously, giving you complete control of the music. With our Silent Disco headsets, you have access to crystal-clear sound quality.

50 Headset minimum

  • Silent Disco Headsets

  • 3 Wireless Transmitters

  • Delivery + set up and tear down

$15 per headset

Wedding DJ
Live DJ

At City Soundwave, we believe that everyone should be able to experience the best in music entertainment. That’s why our events feature a unique Silent Disco setup with three wireless transmitters and high-quality headphones for each guest. Our professional headset attendant ensures that all guests have an enjoyable audio experience by providing assistance and troubleshooting throughout the event. In addition, we feature a Live DJ spinning hit music selections and two total streaming music channels.

50 Headset minimum

  • Silent Disco Headsets

  • 3 Wireless Transmitters

  • Headset Attendant

  • 1 Live DJ

  • Delivery + set up and tear down

$20 per headset

Silent Disco battle dj icon cc.png
3 DJ's Battle

CitySoundwave is the only Silent Disco event production company you need to make your next party a success! Get ready for an unforgettable night of music and dancing. Our DJs will spin top hits and dance classics, allowing everyone to boogie down with their friends. With our full sound and lighting system, you'll surely have the perfect atmosphere for your Silent Disco event.


We pride ourselves on providing a unique and immersive experience you won't find anywhere else. Our headphones keep sound quality high, and our three transmitters ensure that everyone can easily switch between three DJs. Plus, our headset attendant is always on hand to help out.

100 Headset minimum

  • Silent Disco Headsets

  • 3 Wireless Transmitters

  • Headset Attendants

  • 3 Live DJ's 

$35 per headset

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