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Experience karaoke in a reimagined format that ditches the old songbooks for guests to flip through. You and your guests will have access to over 45,000 songs using your personal smartphone; request your song, and watch your name appear in the playlist! 

Forget the bulky old karaoke machines and waiting your turn to get the song book to search endlessly for your song!

Singa Karaoke Phone app.png

Your smart phone is now your own personal song book with access to thousands of songs! No more waiting your turn for the karaoke book or trying to find your song! Simply download a free app to your device, use the search tool to find your song, enter you name, and watch your name appear on the main screen.

If you're a karaoke pro then you'll love the ability to choose the pitch and style of your song!

Choose your karaoke experience.

Add our karaoke experience to a DJ experience or stand alone. Your choice!

We can patch into an existing audio visual system at your venue or provide the monitors, projector, speakers, and microphones to make your karaoke event a success. We'll leave the singing to you!

Find your song!

With over 45,000 songs in different languages, there's a good chance we have the song you want to sing!

Curious about what songs we have? Download our karaoke playlist and be ahead of the rest with your song list!

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