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360 photo booth experience

Experience an elevated platform with a motorized rotating camera that captures you and your guests in our ultimate video experience. The camera delivers stunning variable-speed video, and you can choose from three platform sizes to accommodate your guest count. Within 15 seconds, you'll have a social media-optimized and ready-to-share experience to engage your audience!

360 shareable

Just a small step up to the 20" platform and an attendant will guide you and your guests for the best experience. After several revolutions of the camera, the magic happens by the operator who renders and outputs your amazing video for you to share on social channels.

360 brandable

Make your brand discoverable in 360 degrees and capture your audience in a fun and exciting new concept!

Choose from a branded platform, branded 360 enclosure, branded sharing stations, branded activation kiosk, and custom animations and outro videos, plus audio.

Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you reach your audience in 360!

square overlay examples.png

static overlays

We have hundreds of overlays from professional designers all ready for you to choose.

Optionally, we can craft custom overlays and animations.

Elevated experiences:

animated overlays

Chose a static overlay or something animated creating a 3D element. Think animated text, emojis, curtain reveals, almost anything you can think of we can craft for your unique 360 experience.

creative effects

Elevate your 360 experience with slow-motion video transitions, color shifts, pixelated, multiplied images, and more!

green screen

Discover an immersive 360 experience with our green screen experience and adding the 360 backdrop. Choose from a static or animated graphic to bring your video to a whole new level to share on social.

Confetti Cannon.png

confetti cannon

Confetti elements bring the video to life with an explosion of moving color timed at the perfect moment.

Choose from multiple colors to match your color theme or brand colors. Biodegradable or foil.

Note: We clean up after ourselves making sure not to leave a mess at your venue!

360 Wrap Around Backdrop.png

360 enclosure

For a totally immersive experience, choose our 360 enclosure!

Choose from a wide range of designs, green screen, or custom branded experience.

Curved Backdrop.png

curved enclosure

Our 10-foot curved enclosure is more inclusive than our 360 enclosure and allows guests to onlook while they await their turn.

Choose from a wide range of designs, green screen, or custom branded experience.

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